Chappy's Safari Lounge

Fantastic Food, Atmosphere and FUN!


                                        All appetizers include choice of BBQ,

                                Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Cajun Sauce,

                       Horseradish sweet mustard, Sour Cream, Buffalo (hot or mild)

                                Teriyaki, Salsa or Tartar sauce. Extra sauces 75 cents each.



        CHICKEN WINGS                                            

Hand breaded in house and served Plain or tossed in BBQ,                                              

Teriyaki or Buffalo (hot or mild) sauce 8.95                                                 


       FRENCH FRIES                                           CHEESE & BACON FRIES

Full pound fried golden crisp 5.45                                      Crisp fries smothered in our signature cheese

             1/2 pound  2.95                                             blend or our monterey jack cheese sauce & bacon  7.95


       CHICKEN STRIPS                                        BATTERED GREEN BEANS

Breaded Chicken tenders served original                             Green Beans that have been lightly coated in

   or smothered in BBQ, Teriyaki, or                                     an onion breading and fried. This is a great

      Buffalo (hot or mild) 6.45                                                          way to eat your veggies!  5.95  


         MOZZARELLA STICKS                                     PORTABELLA MUSHROOMS

Lightly battered mozzarella cheese sticks                                 If you like portabellas, you'll love this!

    served with marinara sauce. 6.95                                              Deep fried & scrumptious   7.95


       CHEDDAR NUGGETS                                             COD NUGGETS

  Wisconsin white cheddar dipped in                                              Lightly breaded, served with our

         a light breading. 5.95                                                           homemade tarter sauce   6.45


                ONION RINGS                                                   SPINACH & ARTICHOKE RANGOON

  Beer battered & fried golden brown. 6.95                          If you love the dip, these are for you! 6.95


       GARLIC CHEESE BREAD                                          GIZZARDS

Thick garlic bread loaded up with our                                  Tyson breaded chicken gizzard fritters,

signature cheese blend and toasted to perfection.                                VERY GOOD!!  -  6.45

Served with a side of marinara sauce. 6.45


                                                              SUPREME NACHOS

                                          Your choice of beef or chicken topped with our

                                       melted signature cheese blend or a creamy monterey

                                       jack cheese sauce and topped with tomatoes, onions,

                                     black olives over our fresh made tortilla chips. Served 

                                              with a side of salsa and sour cream. 9.95

                                                             * No Meat Nachos  6.95





Served with your choice of French Fries, cottage cheese, homemade coleslaw or a side salad.

Substitute any side with Onion Rings or a cup of soup for 1.50


   CHAPPY'S SPECIAL- a favorite!                                                             TRIPLE PORK

Grilled Turkey, Bacon, Sauteed Mushrooms and,                                Breaded or grilled Pork Tenderloin topped with

Onions, topped with melted swiss and cheddar on a                            ham, bacon, melted swiss and cheddar cheese

toasted hoagie with side of Honey Mustard.  8.95                              with a side of BBQ sauce.  9.95


           TENDERLOIN                                                                                  CAJUN TENDERLOIN               

  Large Fresh Iowa tenderloin grilled                                              Our same delicious hand-breaded tenderloin just

        or hand-breaded.  8.95                                                            kicked up a notch! Served with a side of our

                                                                                                         homemade cajun sauce.  8.95


                 BBQ BEEF                                                                                FRENCH DIP

Our tender pot roast served in BBQ sauce                                       Tender juicy pot roast piled high with melted

and topped with melted cheddar cheese                                               swiss cheese on a hoagie bun.  8.95

on a toasted Kaiser bun.    7.95                                                         *Add grilled peppers and onions for .75


                 RUEBEN                                                                                         GRILLED CHEESE

Grilled Corned Beef or Turkey with sauerkraut                                 Melted american cheese between two slices of

and  melted Swiss Cheese on Toasted Marble                                     grilled multi grain bread   5.95 

     Rye with side of 1000 Island.  8.45                                                       *Add Ham   6.95


                  CLUB                                                                                        CHICKEN CORDON BLEU

Sweet Ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, and                                               Grilled or Hand-breaded & Broasted Chicken

tomato served on toasted multi grain bread wtih                                                 topped with Ham & Swiss cheese                           

 side of mayo  8.45                                                                                                Served on a toasted Kaiser bun  9.45  


         CHICKEN SANDWICH                                                                              CHICKEN CLUB

  Grilled or hand-breaded broasted chicken                                            Grilled or hand breaded broasted chicken

with choice of Plain, BBQ, Teriyaki or Buffalo,                                       topped with crisp bacon, swiss cheese on

(hot or mild) on toasted kaiser bun. 8.75                                                 toasted multi grain bread  9.45


        CUBAN CUZ (you gotta try this!)                                                        CHICKEN SALAD

Smoked pulled pork, ham, swiss cheese and dill                                 All white meat chicken salad served on toasted                    

 pickles served on a grilled hoagie bun with a side                                  multi-grain bread.  7.45

of our horseradish sweet mustard sauce.  8.95


           PULLED PORK                                                                                    BLT

Smoked pork piled high on a toasted Kaiser bun,                                 Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato served on toasted

served with a side of BBQ sauce.  7.95                                               multi-grain bread with a side of mayo.  7.45 


                                                                 COD SANDWICH

                                                         Battered cod served on a toasted

                                                     bun with our homemade tartar sauce.   7.45



                                    Add Cheese 50¢       Add Bacon  1.00       Add a Fried Egg  1.00      Extra Sauces  75¢ each



All of our burgers are 1/3lb. Certified Angus beef, Served with choice of French Fries, cottage cheese, pasta salad, homemade coleslaw or a side salad with choice of dressing. 


Cheese Choice:  American, Cheddar, Swiss or PepperJack



     THE BURGER                                                                        BACON CHEESEBURGER

Grilled to perfection and                                                     We start with our delicious burger and top it with

served on a toasted bun  6.45                                            your choice of cheese and 2 strips of crispy bacon.  8.45

*Add your choice of cheese .50                                                                                                         


SHROOM AND SWISS                                                                            TEXAS BBQ

This one is loaded with sauteed mushrooms                              Loaded with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and cheddar

and creamy swiss cheese.  7.95                                                    cheese on garlic buttered Texas toast.  8.95


      SAFARI BURGER                                                                   DRYDOCK BURGER

So delicious you will think you are on vacation!                Topped with sauteed mushrooms,onions,crispy bacon,

Topped with sliced ham and Cheddar cheese.  9.45                     swiss, cheddar and parmesan cheese  8.95


        PATTY MELT                                                                            THE SINK BURGER

A grilled beef patty topped with sauteed onions, swiss               Two of our 1/3lb. Angus beef patties topped with

and cheddar cheese on marble Rye  7.95                                   pepperoni, Canadian bacon, turkey, bacon, mushrooms,

                                                                                                2 onion rings & a slice of pepperjack, swiss, american,

                                                                                                                  and cheddar cheese  12.95


                                      Substitute any side with Onion Rings or a Cup of Soup for $1.50                                               


                                                                                        SALADS and SOUPS



                                                      Cup      Bowl

                         Soup of the Day           2.95     4.45

                         Chappy's Chili              2.95     4.45

                                                      Add Cheese & Onion  50¢

                                                              *Soup and Chili are seasonal items, please ask for availability!





                                                            CHICKEN BREAST SALAD

                   Your choice of grilled or hand breaded chicken served plain, Buffalo (hot or mild.),

                  Teriyaki or BBQ  with tomato, broccoli, carrots, green pepper, onion, egg and

                                    our signature cheese blend. Served with garlic toast. 9.45


                                                                   COBB SALAD

                        Grilled chicken, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, our signature cheese blend,

                                          tomato and onion. Served with garlic toast. 9.45


                                                                    TACO SALAD

                         Your choice of seasoned beef or chicken, our signature cheese blend, tomatoes,

                            onions, and freshly made tortilla chips with a side of salsa and sour cream. 9.45


                                                                    CHEF SALAD

                           Turkey, ham, our signature cheese blend, fresh lettuce, tomato, green pepper,

                                  broccoli, carrots, onion, and egg. Served with garlic toast    8.95


                                                           "CHICKEN SALAD" SALAD

                        Our all white meat chicken salad, our signature cheese blend, tomato, onion

                            green pepper, egg, carrots and broccoli. Served with Garlic Toast   9.45


                                                                    DINNER SALAD

                        A bed of lettuce topped with our signature cheese blend with tomato, green pepper,                            

                             broccoli, carrots, onion, and egg. Served with garlic toast  6.45


                                                       SIDE SALAD - THE PERFECT SIZE

                                       Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato & Your choice of Dressing   2.95


                          Choice of Dressings: Ranch, Fat Free Ranch, Bleu Cheese, French, 1000 Island,

                                     Honey Mustard, Low Cal Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Tuscan Caesar

                                                    Pepperoncinis available upon request.



                                                                     BROASTED CHICKEN


                                    Freshly Prepared and seasoned with Chappy's own favorite recipe!


                                        Dinners includes homemade Cole Slaw or Cottage Cheese,

                                                 and broasted potato wedges and sour cream.


                       Substitute Fries for Wedges for 50¢ per potato ~ No Substitutions on chicken pieces.


                                                          DINNERS                ALL WHITE

                                                               MEAT DINNERS

                            2~PIECE                   6.45                                      6.95

                            4~PIECE                   8.95                                      9.95


                                                           ADD A PIECE TO DINNERS 

                                                  WING  1.25                            LEG   1.50

                                                THIGH  2.45                      BREAST  2.95

                                                  (Sorry we do not sell these individually)


                                                             A LA CARTE CHICKEN

                                                                  (chicken only)


                                                  12 PIECE - 19.95

                                               12 PIECE All White - 24.95

                                                  16 PIECE - 25.95

                                               16 PIECE All White - 32.95



                                                  ADD A PIECE TO ANY 12 OR 16 PIECE ORDER  

                                                     WING  1.25                            LEG   1.50

                                                   THIGH  2.45                      BREAST  2.95

                                                     (Sorry we do not sell these individually)


                                                   BROASTED POTATO WEDGES

                                        12 of our signature Broasted wedges served

                                                                  with sour cream - 5.25





                                                                  GARLIC TOAST

                                                                 Two Pieces   1.75


                                                              CHEESE GARLIC TOAST

                                                  Two pieces with Cheese & Marinara   2.95  


                                                               COTTAGE CHEESE  1.95



                                                             Creamy made in-house  1.95



Our wraps are served on your choice of a garlic herb or white flour tortilla. Served with choice

 of french fries, cottage cheese, homemade coleslaw or side salad.


Substitute any side with Onion Rings or a cup of soup for 1.50


       BLT                                                                                       VEGGIE

Filled with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce,                                    Loaded with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onion,

tomato and of course the mayo!  7.95                                       green peppers and our signature cheese blend  6.45


      CLUB                                                                                     CHICKEN BREAST    

Ham, turkey, crispy bacon, fresh lettuce                                 Your choice of grilled or hand breaded chicken

and tomato with mayo.  8.45                                                  served plain, BBQ, Teriyaki or Buffalo (hot or mild)

                                                                                             with lettuce, tomatoes, & onions.  8.95


                                                              CHICKEN CAESAR

                             Grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato and onion drizzled with

                                      our Tuscan Caesar dressing, and parmesan cheese.  8.45


                                              CHAPPY'S HOMEMADE PIZZA


             Chappy's Pizza is made of only the highest quality ingredients on a thin crust with the perfect blend of cheeses.


                                                      (1/2 and 1/2 not available on Specialty Pizzas)


                              CHAPPY'S SPECIALTY PIZZAS


    CHAPPY'S COMBO                                   MEAT LOVERS

 The Works! Jalepenos and                                    Italian sausage, Canadian bacon,

Sauerkraut available upon request.                      pepperoni, hamburger, and real bacon.   

9"-11.95 ~ 12"- 15.95 ~ 14"-19.95                          9"-11.95 ~ 12"- 15.95 ~ 14" - 19.95


   BACON CHEESEBURGER                                   VEGGIE

Loaded with Ground Beef, American                      Onions, mushrooms, green peppers,

Cheese, Real Bacon, Pickles, & Onions.                   tomato with black and green olives

9"-11.95 ~ 12"- 15.95 ~ 14"-19.95                            9"-9.95 ~ 12"- 14.95 ~ 14"-17.95                 


        BBQ CHICKEN                                            TACO

Chicken, Onions and zesty BBQ Sauce                     Beef, refried beans, onions, lettuce, 

smothered with our special blend of cheeses.            tomato, black olives and chips.

9"-9.95 ~ 12"- 14.95 ~ 14"-17.95                              9"-9.95 ~ 12"- 14.95 ~ 14"-17.95


  BUFFALO CHICKEN PIZZA                                RUEBEN

A buffalo sauce (hot or mild) base with                 Thousand Island dressing, corned beef,

chicken, onions and blue cheese crumbles.                         and sauerkraut.

9"-9.95 ~ 12"- 14.95 ~ 14"-17.95                               9"-9.95 ~ 12"- 14.95 ~ 14"-17.95



                              BUILD YOUR OWN


            We start with our cheese pizza

                  and you do the rest!

              9"-6.45 ~ 12"- 10.95 ~ 14"-12.95  


                  Each Additional Topping:

                  9" - .75 ~  12"-1.25  ~ 14" 1.50



     Italian Sausage              Black Olives               Green Peppers

     Canadian Bacon           Green Olives                 Mushrooms

     Pepperoni                      Jalepenos                    Sauerkraut

     Hamburger                    Pineapple                       Onions

                                     Real Bacon Pieces






                                                            CHAPPY'S KIDS MENU

All our kids meals are served with your choice fries, cottage cheese, coleslaw or a side salad, and a small drink. (10 & younger only)


Hot Dog - 4.95                                               Chicken Tenders - 5.95


Cheeseburger - 5.95                                        Mac & Cheese - 4.95


Grilled Cheese - 4.95                                       Roni & Dogs - 5.95